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Experience Yoga At Our Vihara Ashram Community

We are happy to see newcomers at any of our yoga and meditation classes. Join the community to participate in the center`s life and the discussion club.


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Yoga’s Practice of “Giving Back”

Dakshina is an ancient tradition of those who practice yoga, and it is a display of generosity – a private contribution to the financial support of the teacher and their teachings. When we experience a pure inner impulse caused by a higher purpose to help others, to express our unconditional gratefulness, it is called Dakshina. We are being guided by our feelings, and, in this case, the amount we give is irrelevant as long as we gain our own true Self.

Learn To Be Sustainably Happy!

Join the Happiness Program. Experience a calm mind, reduced anxiety, increased energy levels and sustainable happiness everyday!

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Je vous aide à vous connecter à votre être profond, à sortir des schémas récurrents qui ne vous conviennent plus. A guérir vos blessures d’enfants pour aller vers la relation qui vous rend heureux. 

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